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About Creek Stories

The Project

Creek Stories tells the stories of our creeks, and the people looking after them.

We often forget creeks. We know the roads and the towns, and can see the hills and ranges, but the creeks get lost in the landscape.

They are there though, following the fall of the land, shaping it over millennia. Their condition is a litmus test of how we care for the land - if the land is in good condition, the creeks will be happy and healthy.

Creek Stories is a project of the community environment groups of Jacksons Creek and Deep Creek.  It has been managed by Riddells Creek Landcare, with funding from Melbourne Water and Macedon Ranges Shire Council, plus lots of volunteer time. The creeks are in the Maribyrnong catchment, mostly at the top end of the catchment, but we are heading downstream!

If you are new to the area, this is an introduction to creeks. If you have lived here a while, this is a chance to meet some of the people looking after the creeks in this bit of country. Go out and say hello to your local creek..... the creeks like meeting new people, and old friends!

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