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Loretta Beliniak

a river person

Loretta Beliniak has always been a river person. Born in Corowa on the Murray, she moved to Sunbury when she was 10 years old. Her childhood home, not far from the confluence of Blind and Jacksons Creeks, was her base for creek adventures—playing in the creek, climbing trees, rafting and canoeing.  Twice a day she crossed Blind Creek on her school journey. 

“The creek has always been part of my life”, she reflects, “my playground…it was formative”.

Perhaps it is no surprise that she finds herself now Convenor of the Friends of the Organ Pipes National Park.

“I moved back from Western Australia in 2018 and saw a Join Us invitation on a noticeboard at the Park.  Becoming Convenor happened very quickly!”

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