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Ross Colliver

speaking up for creeks

My name is Ross Colliver and I’ve been living on Sandy Creek in Riddells Creek for the last 12 years.

About 20 years ago, I visited a guy down on Archies Creek in Gippsland.  He had turned a weed-infested gully into a semi-temperate forest, shaded and spacious inside, a beautiful place.  He hadn’t had to do much he said, push back the weeds and the birds brought in seed from native plants and it had grown itself back.

I thought to myself: ‘That would be a really cool thing to do, to fix up a creek’, and put the thought aside.  I didn't know the seed of an idea had been planted.  Years passed.  I decided I wanted to live out of Melbourne, but close enough to get into the city for work.

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